Interdisciplinary Art-project on Time and Consciousness:
Video, multi-media, kinetic objects, lectures.
Initiative: Jaap de Jonge & Joke J. Hermsen

Participants Time’s shadow exhibition

The installation of de Jonge & Hermsen for Time’s shadow consists of three different elements: (1) a visual essay, (2) a kinetic object and (3) a philosophical lecture. This triptyque forms the starting point of a greater exhibition, that should take place in october 2009, where we will invite other artists, scientists and poets who reflect on the notion of time (see below). The visual essay presents a ‘Time travel’ through different notions of time, as if we were already travelling through the fourth dimension, where time no longer follows a lineair path. The kinetic object will produce images of time’s shadow, like we were still sitting in the cave of Plato’s flatland, thinking the world of two dimensions is our own. The interaction between these two streams of images and time-consciousness will clarify our actual three dimensional position in time-thought: oscillating between the classical, lineair concept of time, and the idea of a circulair time in the fourth dimension, where ‘Time’s arrow’(Eddington) no longer points out in only one direction; the unsolved problem of the assymmetrical pattern of time in physics.

Inviting other artists like: Baukje Spaltro (1967), www.spaltro.nl, is a painter who works on the notion of time and temporality, like for instance her BAUC project: Breitner: Amsterdam under construction.

Martijn Veldhoen (1962) is a multi-media artist who explores the dimensions of time of place. In his short film Momentum (2003) for instance, the viewer follows the camera on its path through a series of different places. Following the rush of images and the monotonous voice of the narrator- ‘It’s a matter of time… of time and place’, the viewer slowly loses any connection to time and place.

Rinke Nijburg (1964) is a painter who walks with seven league boots through past, present and future to dig up the great narratives and powerful images, and to combine these in multi-layered drawings, linking fairy-tales to science, religious icons to graphity. As he puts it himself: ‘I’m just a simple child of times, trying to live in a continual state of neurosis with a reality that has exploded once and for all’.

Justin Bennett, (www.bmbcon.demon.nl/justin/) born in 1964 in England, is an artist working with sound and visual media. He lives and works in The Netherlands. The everyday sound of our urban surroundings at every level of detail is the focus of his work where he develops the reciprocity of music and architecture, and sound and image.
A founding member of the performance group BMB con, he has played percussion and electronics in many music projects and has produced permanent installations, sound walks, CD-releases and live performances.
Recent work during a residency at the Vrije Ruimten Zuidas, Amsterdam, has focused on urban development and public space, resulting in sound, video and graphic works and an animation.
Recent shows include the 10th Istanbul Biennial, "Oracle" a work in public space for "Trans(ient) City", Luxembourg (2007). “Ear Appeal” exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna. (2006), "Noise Map", a solo exhibition at the GEM museum of contemporary art, Den Haag (2005), "Shelters", a public art commission for Sonic Arts Network, Scarborough, UK (2005), and installations titled “Sundial – Paris” for Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (2005) and "Sundial - Roma" for Moorroom, Rome (2005).

Susan Collins (www.susan-collins.net)/ (b. 1964 London) is one of the UK’s leading artists working with digital media. Collins works across public, gallery and online spaces. Her recent works mainly employ transmission, networking and time as primary materials, often exploring the role of illusion or belief in their construction and interpretation. Works include In Conversation; Tate in Space (a bafta nominated Tate netart commission); Transporting Skies which transported sky (and other phenomena) live between Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance in Cornwall and Site Gallery Sheffield in Yorkshire; Fenlandia and Glenlandia - live year long pixel by pixel internet transmissions from remote landscapes, and The Spectrascope, an ongoing live pixel by pixel transmission from a haunted house.
Recently completed commissions include a wildlife surveillance system for Sarah Wigglesworth Architects’s RIBA award winning Classroom of the Future; Underglow, a network of illuminated drains for the Corporation of London for Light Up Queen Street and Chaser, a lighting commission for GLOW ‘07 Newcastle.
Recent exhibitions have included Outlook Express(ed) at Oakville Galleries, Ontario, Canada; Digital Aesthetic 2, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston; Webscape, Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Søro, Denmark; Video Vortex at Montevideo/The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam and Multiplicities at ARC Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria.
She is currently developing a new landscape series with Harewood House, Leeds and working with Film and Video Umbrella and The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea on a major solo show for 2009.
Susan Collins is Reader in Fine Art, Head of Undergraduate Fine Art Media and has been Head of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media (SCEMFA) at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London since 1995. She completed a PhD on The role of the viewer in the realisation of In Conversation and other works in 2001.

Mark Robert Peters

Inviting scientists, poets, philosophers and writers who give short lectures during the exhibition: J.J. Mooij (Time and Mind, 2005), Veronique van Gelderen (Scrambled Unscrambled, 2008), Robbert Dijkgraaf (theoretical physicist), Jan Bor (Op de grens van het denken, 2005), Jos de Mul (philosopher), Geert Lovink (writer and philosopher), Henk van der Waal (poet and philosopher).